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There is no fixed timetable for lessons - you choose when you want to come, how often you want to come, and how long you want to ride for. There is also no fixed number of lessons - you just pay for each lesson as you go.

Lessons last for either 25 minutes or 50 minutes, and can be held either privately or as a group lesson.

Shannon on Darcy

In all lessons there is a short period ( to 10 minutes) where the rider adjusts their stirrups and gets ready to commence the lesson.

Private lessons are typically one-on-one with the instructor and provide individual instruction.

Group lessons involve two to five riders at the same time, and require that the rider has achieved a minimum level of competency. For beginning riders it is recommended that they take some private lessons first until they reach the required level of riding skill. Private lessons are also recommended for first time riders at Danbury Park so that the instructor can assess the level of riding skill before going into a group lesson.

Lessons take place either outside or in the indoor arena, depending on weather and ground condition. Lessons are never cancelled due to bad weather, since the indoor arena is always available for use.


For costs of riding lessons, please go to the Timetable and Information Sheets page and click on the General Information link, or you can download the General Information sheet directly by clicking here for Microsoft Word format or here for Adobe PDF.