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School Holiday Programmes

During school holidays we conduct Day Programmes for children of ages 10 to 16. For details of the holiday programme timetable and to download information sheets, go here.

This website is updated when Day Programmes are full (i.e. there are no vacancies).

Day Programmes

Day programmes are run on weekdays during school holidays. The programmes provide an opportunity for children to experience all aspects of horse management, including catching the horses, grooming, saddling up and unsaddling after riding. Day programmes incorporate one lesson and a games afternoon, and, are open to both boys and girls.

Previous riding experience is not necessary for School Holiday and Day programmes. Many children attend without ever having ridden a horse before. However some children feel more comfortable if they have had a private lesson before attending as they are then more familiar with the centre and have obtained some skills to get the most riding experience from their time with us. It is up to the parents to decide whether they want to give them a lesson before hand – we do not mind either way as we are used to teaching all levels of experience.

Bathroom facilities are available for use of the children through out the day.

School Holiday Progammes

School Holiday Programmes are run four times a year and last for four days - one in each week of term break and two weeks during the summer holidays. Programmes are not residential, children are required to go home each evening and return the next morning.

The programmes give children a perfect opportunity to learn all aspects of horse management while enjoying the social atmosphere of riding with other children who have similar interests.

Games are held in the afternoon, which gives the children a chance to put their horse skills to the test while they participate in fun events.