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Our horses and equestrian centre are available for hire for film, television and still photography. We have had experience with our horses and facilities being used in all of the above mediums, both on our property and on location. Please contact Jane for more information if you are interested in hiring our horses, experienced riders or equestrian facilities.

2007 Short Film "Gone to Earth"  Staring Connor

- In the short film called “Gone to Earth”. Connor (the horse) had a starring role, as he is the only horse in it so he must be the star! His part was filmed over two days, one day at Shoreham Beach and one day here at Danbury Park - photos from the shoot are below.







2003 ABC TV Show "Creature Features"

- The ABC TV show "Creature Features" filmed a segment at Danbury Park featuring Kia Luby, who plays Kristy in "The Saddle Club", along with the host Nick Hardcastle! This took place on the day of one of our Spring Horse Lovers' Days, so as you can imagine the kids were pretty excited when they found out what was planned for their day! We've been told that the segment will be shown some time in March next year, so keep your eyes peeled for Kia riding Bubs, and Nick riding Manny! To the right is a photo we took of everyone - click on the photo to see it full size, along with some other photos we took on the day.

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